Keshayurved- Treatements Offered Keshayurved

Treatements Offered

    How we treat?

    1. The first step in the treatment is to rule out the root cause of the treatment so that chances of recurrency of the disease decreases to minimum.

    2. Diagnosis and treatment completely based on your prakriti.

    3. Advanced modern technologies to view your hair and scalp which helps in determining the severity of the condition.

    4. Includes history of diet ,sleep,genetic history ,urineand stool examination history ,menstrual history and history of other diseases as well including mental stress.

    5. Treatment based on your prakriti .There is no same treatment for everyone.

    • I. Preserve the present hair.

    • II. Stop the hairfall.

    • III. Increase the new growth of hair.

    6. Complete solution for all hair problems.

    7. Panchkarma method- “speciality of Ayurvedic treatment“.